Measured Drawing

Measured drawing is part of the heritage conservation project. It serves to document the current condition of the building which the outcomes will be used for further conservation work planning. At SABD,  measured drawing is taught as a module to introduce the principles of building preservation/conservation and the methods of recording.

The learning process will facilitate students as future designers/architects/policy makers to be more sensitive to place contexts, to respect the traditions and heritage of the local community and to be aware of one’s own cultural origins.

The ideas of application and management of architectural historic documentation will be presented as part of the overall knowledge of building preservation/conservation. For measured drawings, students document historically and architecturally significant buildings in the form of as-built drawings through measuring techniques of photographing, sketching, using of theodolite and measuring tapes. The outcomes of the subject are collection of plans, section, elevations, details and axonometric views / models; complemented with a report that explains about the background, history, concept, style, construction techniques and ornamentation of the building.


Community Engagement & Collaboration

Part of the objectives of running the module is knowledge dissemination, as an attempt to promote culture and heritage awareness among the public.

We collaborated with local community organisations to hold exhibitions and seminars that showcased our students’ projects. 

Till date we have held several events as below.

Melaka Religious Traditional Architecture Measured Drawing & Model Exhibition (2018)

Melaka Measured Drawing & Local Community Old Photographs Exhibition (2017)

We welcome collaborations, please do not hesitate to contact our measured drawing project coordinator Mr Koh Jing Hao at to discuss collaboration opportunities.