The Centre for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia (MASSA) was jointly established in 2005 by Taylor’s University and KALAM of University Teknology Malaysia. It aims to foster interest and promote studies in the ideas and heritage of modern architecture, through documentation of intellectual and physical heritage of modern architecture in the region. As a research arm of the School of Architecture, Building & Design (SABD), MASSA provides a more solid foundation and robust education of the subject matter.

Research & Publications

Academics of the School of Architecture, Building & Design are actively involved in research and knowledge dissemination through participation in seminars, conferences and publication. Research activities organized by MASSA provide an excellent educational opportunity that is relevant to the cultural, scientific and technological advancement of society. This also complements the teaching and learning experience at the School of Architecture, Building & Design.

Measured Drawing & Documentation

In line with MASSA’s objective to promote studies in the ideas and heritage of modern architecture, the School of Architecture, Building & Design conducts measured drawing and documentation of heritage buildings exercise every year. The academic exercise is carried out as part of our academic program, to develop the understanding of the principles of building preservation/conservation and the methods of recording.

The ideas of application and management of architectural historic documentation will be presented as part of the overall knowledge of building preservation/conservation. For measured drawings, students document historically and architecturally significant buildings in the form of as-built drawings through measuring techniques of photographing, sketching, using of theodolite and measuring tapes. The outcomes of the subject are collection of plans, section, elevations, details and axonometric views / models; complemented with a report that explains about the background, history, concept, style construction technics and ornamentation of the building.